Happy Thanksgiving


We spent yet another Thanksgiving at my aunt’s place in Potomac, MD. Like the past years, the days were spent stuffing ourselves silly with heaps of food. For the main occasion itself, we had turkey, sweet potato with brandy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprouts with shallots and bacon bits, and no less than four desserts. Blueberry trifle, pecan pie, raspberry cheesecake, and almond cake.

Little wonder that we had to walk it off the next day before another massive dinner of lamb. Usually, our stroll took us by the Great Falls of Potomac. This time around though, we wanted a change in scenery, and wandered into the woods north along the canal. It was a most delightful stroll through the quiet woods. Though the trees were mostly bare by now, the ground was still covered in a mass of crunchy orange leaves.

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