Sunset at La Perouse


Feb 22 2015 La Perouse-28

Feb 22 2015 La Perouse-135

Sunday evening: We joined the Amateur Sydney Photographers meetup group for a shoot out at La Perouse. Being new to Sydney, we find that meetup groups are excellent not just for ideas on activities and sights to see in the area, but also to meet folks with similar interests.

It was great fun. One could potentially walk all around the fort on Bare Island in 15 minutes or so, but the little rock pools beneath the bridge linking Bare Island to the peninsula provided hours of endless fascination for our group of 20 odd photographers.

We can’t wait to go back. This time with our snorkels – apparently, this is one of the top diving sites in NSW! Indeed, the waters looked calm, clear, and oh so inviting. We spotted a half dozen snorkelers and spearfishermen while we were out, and two guys who were diving for sea urchins (what a dinner!).

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