Sunrise by Mahon Pool

April 2015 Mahon Pool Sunrise

Got up early for the sunrise, this time at Mahon Pool. It was a little too cloudy. Nonetheless, I had fun watching the waves crash over the rocks; it’s hypnotizing.

Although it was a brisk morning, there were several hardy souls doing laps in the rock pool. I met a couple other photographers who were clambering over the rocks too, and we got to chatting. One, a lady who is studying Chinese medicine, lives right by the water, and has a fantastic view of the coast from her apartment. Nonetheless, she’s out along the water’s edge every single sunrise.

Another is an older man, a surfer type who walks around barefoot, with a woolen cap pulled low over his head. He shows me his surf photography, and they are an inspiration.

April 2015 Mahon Pool Sunrise BW

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