Checking out the Kite Surfers at Long Reef Beach

Kite Surfing Long Reef Beach-1-3 Checked out Long Reef Beach this evening. The wind was stiff and cool at 15 knots. There were maybe a half dozen kite surfers out on the water. They seemed a pretty friendly bunch, grinning for my camera whenever they washed up to shore. One guy asked if I could send him shots of him; more than happy to oblige especially since they happily let me practice on them! Got to chatting with another guy as he packed up for the day – he gave me some tips on how to kite surf (learn to fly a kite for at least 6 months first), and what wind and wave conditions to look out for. Kite Surfing Long Reef Beach-1-2

Kite Surfing Long Reef Beach-1

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