Bondi Beach Sunrise

Bondi Beach Sunrise-1

Just my luck. It was finally a clear morning when I could make it to a sunrise. But – the tide was low and the water calm. None of the dramatic crashing waves we’d seen when we were out doing the Bondi to Maroubra coastal walk on Saturday mid-morning. And I had accidentally dialed in my ISO to auto mode; no wonder the pictures looked so grainy on the screen.

Nonetheless, it was a serene morning to be out by the waters on the otherwise packed Bondi Beach. And I marveled for the upteempth time how we ended up living this side of the world, with easy access to these stunning beaches and golden sunrises.

Bondi Beach Sunrise-2

Bondi Beach Sunrise-3

Bondi Beach Sunrise-4

Bondi Beach Sunrise-5

Bondi Beach Sunrise-6

Bondi Beach Sunrise-7

Bondi Beach Sunrise-8

Bondi Beach Sunrise-9

Bondi Beach Sunrise-10

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