Late Winter Sunrise at Curl Curl

It’s sometimes difficult to wake up when it is still dark out, and throw off the cozy bedspread to head out into the cold. I’ve yet to actually regret that decision though.

No difference this morning. Given that the forecast warned of relentless rain for the next week, today spelled my one window of opportunity to get back out to the beaches for sunrise. I found a new spot this time, the southern end of Curl Curl Beach in North Sydney, and this might be my new favorite location yet!


Funnily enough, although the picture of the fisherman doesn’t quite lend the feel of a beautiful late winter day, warm enough for t-shirt, shorts and flip flop weather, it turned out to be my favorite of the excursion. There’s something about those swirly waves that draws me in.



See it is almost spring! Just one more week!


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