Sunsets in Taveuni, Fiji

We got lucky with the weather. It had been raining steadily the few days before we arrived, and was pretty wet the Saturday afternoon we landed. But the clouds steadily cleared up such that by Sunday evening, patches of blue sky could be seen overhead.

Spearfishermen at night
Spearfishermen at night
Our little haven for the week, Nakia Resort & Dive

Taveuni sunset

Taveuni sunset 1
Sunsets over the Somosomo Strait

Taveuni sunset 2

Taveuni sunset 3


Jeff reviewing his dive videos from the day
Jeff reviewing his dive videos from the day


Nakia Resort
The moon was waxing the week we arrived. It set at midnight Sunday, then at a later hour each night. The half moon meant we enjoyed slighter currents though. I’m not sure we could have handled 4-6 knots of current!

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