Exploring Curl Curl Beach and Sydney Harbor National Park

Our friend Chris is visiting from Chicago, so we wanted to show her our favorite bits of Sydney. Initially, the weather forecast for the weekend looked dismal (seems to be the case quite oftentimes!). But happily, we set our alarms for an early start on Saturday anyway. When we awoke, I peered out the window at partly cloudy skies, and saw the stars twinkling merrily through. Beat it up to North Curl Curl Beach, where we were just in time to watch the sun burst through the clouds. It wasn’t yet high tide, not for a few more hours, but the remnants of Cyclone Winston that had recently ravaged Fiji was still showing its might, sending huge swells crashing over the edge of the rock pool.

While it wasn’t the most spectacular sunrise, it was still nice to be out and about, particularly once we had our morning coffee.




Afterwards, we checked out parts of Sydney Harbor National Park – up on the outer headlands that make up the other half of the Gap, and the part along the Spit to Manly walk.


IMG_20160227_110350 (1)

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