Sunrise over the North Curl Curl Headlands

Curl Curl headland

It was slightly drizzly this morning when I roused myself out of bed and drove out towards Curl Curl. I was disappointed by the sunrise colors yesterday and hoped that I’d have better luck this morning. Initially, I aimed for the rock pools at the southern end of Curl Curl beach, but the orange lights overhead looked too harsh, so I drove to the northern end, aiming for the rock pool there. Alas, it was closed off due to the recent storms that had severely eroded the cliffs by the pool. So I hiked up to the top of the headlands, and soaked in the burgeoning light.

It looked, for a time, that the color might go off. There was high clouds overhead that looked perfectly placed to reflect the pinkish orange hue that just makes me grin so. But the low clouds in the horizon blue balled me. Again.
Sunrise from Curl Curl headland


Can’t complain though. It was lovely to kickstart the morning with a bit of a walk.

But then, this evening, I looked out my study window and saw this sunset. Ahhhh!

Waverton sunset

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