Warriewood sunrise and Narrabean sunset

Last weekend, I went up to the Northern Beaches twice, firstly on Saturday to watch the sun rise over Warriewood Beach, then to Narrabean to watch the sun set on Sunday.

Some days, I struggle to find inspiration in my surroundings. Maybe it’s because I go with a preconceived idea of what I want to take, then flail when conditions do not deliver. That was me on Saturday at Warriewood. I worked most of the morning with my ND filter on, wanting to get some streaks in the clouds overhead. When the colors didn’t deliver, I felt a bit disheartened.

Warriewood sunrise 2

But it’s hard to stay grumpy for long, not when you feel the gentle cool breeze against your cheeks, and hear the laps of the ocean against the cold sand.

Warriewood sunrise1

On Sunday evening, I decided to head out again. Nevermind if I wasn’t going to get color, it was felt good to be outdoors, and the practice was helpful anyway.

But 20 minutes after the sun set, the clouds delivered!
Narrabean sunset

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