Christmas shootout and barbie with Focus Australia

Joined Focus Australia for their annual Christmas shootout and barbie over at Narrabean Beach on Saturday. It was a swell time – although it initially seemed too overcast for a stellar sunrise, the sun managed to break through an opening right at sunrise. Afterwards, we thronged around the barbie that the Focus committee had started while we still had our lenses trained in the far off horizon, and around the coffee van that they’d catered for. So good!

Grateful to have been included in the group on Saturday morning sunrises over the past few months. I’ve been a member of their Facebook group for over a year, and have learnt so much and gotten so much inspiration just from browsing the pictures they’ve put up. Midway this year, I finally kicked myself and joined in the shoots and brekkie after.

Focus Australia Christmas shoot and barbie (photo credit Tony Irving)
Focus Australia Christmas shoot and barbie (photo credit Tony Irving)


Credit: Tony Irving

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