Spit to Manly Walk, plus some

We haven’t had much luck completing our planned hikes recently, due to one excuse or the other. Heh. With the Overland track looming over us, we decided we’d better take advantage of our last free weekend in December to squeeze in a long-ish 20km walk.

No chance of getting lost too, not on the walk to Manly from our place. After all, I drive along much of the same route every weekend on my way up to the Northern Beaches for sunrise shoots.

Thankfully, the weather on Saturday wasn’t too humid. The clouds thinned out as we approached the lookout on Sydney Harbour National Park, and a delightful little breeze cooled us down as we broke open a still-cold bottle of refreshing ginger beer to share, while we soaked in the view of the harbour traffic below, and the open ocean in the distance.

We completed the walk in good time, met up with G in Manly, and celebrated over Japanese pub food and drinks.

Fingers crossed now we survive the Overland Track!

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