Farewell, for now, Sydney

They say all good things must come to an end, well, at the very least, a pause. Originally, we were meant to be in Sydney for just two years. But we’ve managed to stretch it to an incredible 3.5 years and met some really awesome people, from all aspects of our lives here: work, hiking, photography, camping, and kayaking. We really couldn’t have asked for more. Yet, we’re greedy.

In any case, it’s see you later and not goodbye. In November, we will return for the Massive Murray Marathon, where a group of us will paddle down 404 km of the length of the Murray River over 5 days. 🙂 Keep up with our adventures at theriverrunners.com, and support our chosen charity, Make-A-Wish Australia. This charity grants the wishes of children aged 3-18 who are battling life-threatening diseases. If through our efforts we can light up some smiles of these ill children and their families, it would make our journey a much sweeter one.

Thanks guys and see you soon – at least, when we are back in November for the Massive Murray Marathon!

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