Settling back in Singapore

Time flies, has zipped by this year. We’ve been in Singapore now for a tad over three months.

To be honest, I’d thought it would take me much longer to settle down, become reacquainted with the sticky heat and concrete jungle. But it’s been a much easier transition, helped in large part to my brother, who selflessly helped us project manage the minor renovations and fit out of our new condo, so we could move in a short week after getting our keys. And my mum who generously stops by every once in a while with groceries and food already marinated and waiting to be popped on the grill. There’s wholesome and hearty home cooked food at my parents’ too, should we want to make the short scooter ride through the park for dinner.

But it’s also thanks to old friends here who make the effort to catch up over lunch, even if their family life make post-work meals difficult to schedule in. No matter, our own work schedule is pretty packed in already anyway, and we fill in those free nights with laps in our condo pool, and weekends sweating it out on the water in outrigger canoes and kayaks.

Life is good.

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