Exploring verdant Singapore

I’ve to confess – since I moved to Singapore, my DSLR hasn’t really seen light of day. This contrasts with my using it every day in Sydney. But I’ve always been a little self conscious wielding a huge camera and tripod in urban environments, and much prefer to take pictures of landscapes.

And when we do go out to explore the little trails dotted around the island, the sun’s way too high in the sky and the weather too humid to want to lug that beast of a camera around. Excuses I know. But my phone has been more than capable of capturing snapshots that depict exactly how lush and green Singapore is.

This past weekend, in our attempt to break into our new hiking boots and get in a bit more training before our big walk up Kilimanjaro, we headed south to Hort Park, where we tripped across the tree-top bridges through to Mount Faber.

It was both our first times doing the trail, and we were very pleasantly surprised how beautiful it was, walking amidst tall leafy trees opening up with occasional glimpses of high rise apartments and office buildings in the background. The scenery reminded me of the backside of the Peak in Hong Kong. We only did the southern half of the trail before doubling back to Hort Park, but in the future, we’d want to start at West Coast Park and walk the length of the 9km trail.

Southern Ridges Walk2


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