Golden hour in Singapore, Pasir Ris Park

I’ d been sitting on that decision for a while, but in Myanmar, while lugging my conspicuously huge Canon 6D around the streets, and feeling self-conscious every time I took it out of my bag, I decided to just bite the bullet and buy the slim profile Fujifilm X100F. That it looks so retro helped the decision. 😉

My beautiful new camera, shot with my trusty little Pixel 2 phone

But I’m newly inspired to go out to shoot again!

So this evening, I went to Pasir Ris Park to test out my new camera in the field. The light was gorgeous – golden, slanting in shafts through the trees.

River opening out to the sea – you can sometimes spot families of otters lazily swimming from shore to shore
Super low tide. Fishermen digging for worms as bait for their night fishing
There was a lovely strong breeze – makes for cooler running

I have to say, I’m super excited by this camera. The detail that I can extract from it is exquisite! I can’t wait to bring it about town now! And that’s a first from me on urban photography. Haha.

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