Kayaking around Pulau Ubin

It was an overcast morning, with barely any pinkish hue in the sky as the sun struggled to break free from the low clouds. But our spirits were high. It’s been a month since our crew last paddled together in Palawan, and we were all excited to be back on the waters kayaking together again, even it was in the murky waters of Singapore.

Our aim – 24 km paddle around Pulau Ubin, just across the channel from Pasir Ris beach. The was nary a breeze in the air, so the waters were glossy and calm, the air somewhat heavy with humidity. But the waters were cleaner than Jeff and my last trip out, to which I’m infinitely grateful for. We still saw bits of flotsam about, which is sad. Still, amidst the plastic odds and ends littering the beaches and mangroves, we still spied plenty of wildlife: herons, a family of 3 wild boars foraging by the waters’ edge, over 2 dozen otters slinking about on the beach, big fat monitor lizards lounging on the sand, an eagle and a hawk soaring overhead.

Photo credit: Shoe
The three Oru paddlers. Photo credit: Shoe
Heron taking off. Photo credit: TS
Exploring the mangroves – the tide was going out, otherwise, we would have tried to find a way across the island via the rivers

3 thoughts on “Kayaking around Pulau Ubin

  1. Looks like a nice paddle day. I have started taking pictures of all the plastic I find while out paddling and will start posting it so it brings some attention to the issue from the paddling prospective. We see so much beauty while paddling but the effects of plastic are everywhere.
    Thanks for posting your paddle trips. I always enjoy seeing where you guys are.

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    1. I always think about taking pictures of plastic and flotsam on the water, but then it just leaves me feeling depressed. It is heartening though, that wildlife can still thrive in this environment – there certainly weren’t any otters around ten years ago!

      Enjoy paddling in the warming weather! Lol – although wouldn’t it have been sort of neat if you could paddle past little icebergs when you went out the other day on the lake in Minnesota?

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