Leisure paddle around Northeastern Singapore

Last Saturday, I went out paddling with some kayaking friends from our recent Palawan kayaking trip who’d put us in touch with their friends from another kayaking trip (yay more kayaking enthusiasts to befriend!).

Destination: Eastwards from Pasir Ris Beach towards Changi Village, where we pulled up for the group to get breakfast from the Changi Village Hawkers.

Water spout off Changi Beach, Singapore. When we first spotted it, there were 3 water spouts, but just this one left by the time I dug out my phone

Afterwards, we cut north towards Frog Island, a tiny expanse of sand and rocks just off the southern edge of Pulau Ubin. We hugged the coast, going westwards to Pulau Ketam, where we then went upstream into the mangrove swamps of Ubin.

In between short fizzles of rain. We were grateful for the drizzle and the cloud cover, for it helped bring the temperatures and humidity down.
Going upriver
We popped gratefully out of our kayaks to a tin-roofed shelter by the riverbend, where we rejuvenated with icy cold sweet coconuts

Fun times, as usual. đŸ™‚

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