Morning stroll by Marina Barrage

One of Jeff’s dearest wishes has been to get a pet dog. In normal circumstances though, our lifestyle isn’t well suited to have one. We have long work hours during the week and are often out or traveling entire weekends. With Covid though, our escapades have ground to a halt, and we will currently work from home for the foreseeable future. That makes having a pet that much more tenable.

To practice, we’ve borrowed my parents’ toy poodle, LL, a few days here and there. This morning, we decided to bring her down to Marina Barrage for an early morning stroll. It’s so lovely to be able to wander outdoors away from our locale again, even though we are lucky to be living near Pasir Ris Park with the lush rain trees and easy beach access. It was also a great opportunity to break out my camera, which I haven’t touched in 3 months, and show some love to my 135mm F2 lens, which I haven’t used in a few years!

The last time we crossed the bridge from Marina Barrage over to Bay East Garden must have been nearly a year ago, and since then, they’ve lengthened the footpaths and opened up small havens of lily ponds and willow trees. The main pathway along the reservoir was surprisingly crowded for 7am in the morning, with keen joggers and cyclists, but the windy footpaths to the ponds were quiet. It’s a beautiful and serene spot. Glad we got to check that out, and we’re looking forward to going back again to cover the entire trail up to the Indoor Stadium (LL looked tired out by the time we walked under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, so we turned back).

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