Kayaking: Pasir Ris to Ubin

With Covid cases flaring back up in countries that had already eased restrictions, we are resigned to the fact that for the foreseeable future, we will be stuck here in Singapore.

A friend reminded us the other day though, that it’s important to find pleasures where we can, otherwise life will be miserable. True that.

So we try to be in the present, to continue to count our blessings that we otherwise are healthy and have jobs, have still the freedom to meet with small group of friends for in-person catch-ups, and the freedom to take to the waters to explore.

In the past couple of months, we have made a half dozen paddles over to Pulau Ubin from Pasir Ris, eagerly squeezing under low bridges to dive deeper into the lush mangroves. Each time that we bring new friends along to explore, we delight in the wonder and excitement they enthuse as the cacophony of cricket calls and overhanging branches envelope us, transporting us into a different world.

If we’d have the flexibility to travel, we would not have been able to explore as deeply as we have the wondrous environment right at our doorstep, so there’s something to be thankful for!

4 thoughts on “Kayaking: Pasir Ris to Ubin

  1. Hi, very nice post!
    I am interested to know they way you use to get into the lush mangroves from Pasir Ris. I would really love to do it with my girlfriend for her bday! Could you please share the route you took to reach Pulau Ubin starting from Pasir Ris. Thank you!


    1. You could take a ferry to Ubin and rent a kayak there. There are tours you could join there as well for a guide to bring you around. You can also rent from Pasir Ris itself – Ohana rents kayaks. There are a couple of entrances you can take into the mangroves from Ubin. The first is the river by the old PA resorts. The second is up Sungei Juletong. You’d need to check the tides though – if the tide is too low the mangrove roots would be exposed and it’ll be too shallow to maneuver.

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  2. Thank you very much for your prompt reply
    I have already some experience with sit-on-top kayaks but I do not have a certificate. Do you know if it is possible/allowed to reach Pulau from Pasir Ris without certificate?

    Thank you.

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