Slow it down

The surfer is in no way sharp; in fact you almost feel like he's not all quite there. And yet, for some reason, as I try to clean up the snaps of our day down at Royal National Park, my eyes keep drawing back to this photo. I just can't bring myself to hit the …

Exploring Mt Wilson in Blue Mountains

We joined a photography meetup group to explore Mt Wilson in Blue Mountains National Park today. I was most excited because I've been wanting to check out the walks in Blue Mountains for a while now (ok, three months, since we moved here), and the timing worked out because the kayaking/camping trip we'd originally scheduled …

Garie Beach at Royal National Park

A bit too overcast for any sort of sunset photography. But we had a fun evening at Garie Beach in Royal National Park at any rate, and doing a short hike along the Royal Coastal Walk earlier in the day.

Sunset over Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House

So much easier to catch the sunset than the sunrise. Haha. Lots more people out and about though. I joined a photography meet up group Thursday evening to snap some pictures of the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, and we lucked out with the weather. What a beautiful evening. My favorite …

Happy Lunar New Year

On an overcast and slightly drizzly evening, we joined a bunch of folks from a photography meet up group to take a stroll around Darling Harbor to ogle at the light installations, as well as soak in some festivities. It's the Lunar New Year of the Goat! Happy new year everyone.