More sunsets in Maui

When looking forward to our Maui trip, one of the activities I was most excited about was catching sunsets. Sunrises too, for that matter, but because we'd mostly scheduled water activities in the early morning when the wind and waves were the calmest, we didn't get many chances to sit and bask in the golden …

Exploring Mt Wilson in Blue Mountains

We joined a photography meetup group to explore Mt Wilson in Blue Mountains National Park today. I was most excited because I've been wanting to check out the walks in Blue Mountains for a while now (ok, three months, since we moved here), and the timing worked out because the kayaking/camping trip we'd originally scheduled …

Seaplane to Palm Beach

Sunday, Jeff organized a surprise: we jumped on board a seaplane and flew to Palm Beach (and back)! The scenery was just spectacular. I was mesmerized by the blue-green waves with whitetips crashing along the craggy and windy Northern Sydney shoreline, and marveling at the views of the homeowners living in front of such dramatic landscape.

Supertree Singapore

Bless the architect who designed the Supertree Grove in Singapore. Isn't it gorgeous? We visited on a breezy evening, just in time for a 15 minute "light and music show", and before dinner up in Indochine, a restaurant atop the largest supertree.