Hiking the Bouddi Coastal Walk

We scuttled our plans for backcountry hiking and camping in Splendid Rock up in the Blue Mountains this weekend, given the uncertain weather outlook. Truth be told, I was quite happy with the decision, since we have been pretty much traveling non-stop for the past two months.

Instead, we opted for a spot of indoors rock climbing on Saturday, and on Sunday, headed up the coast to Bouddi National Park to do the coastal walk.

Rather than doing a loop back, we did a car shuffle – much more fun. We started off from McMasters Beach, and even though the ambient temperatures were pretty mild, we were soon sweating under the full glare of the sun.

Love the cloud formation

So it was with much anticipation and relief when we hit Maitland Bay, and dove into the refreshing calm waters to cool off. Felt absolutely heavenly.

Our hiking crew


Finished off the walk right at sunset near Putty Beach campground, where we scuffed down some pizza and guzzled down beer while planning our next adventures. Good times.


Hiking Bouddi National Park

Absolutely gorgeous day for a hike this past Sunday. Spring is here! Summer is coming! Five of us traipsed up to Bouddi National Park up in Gosford, Central Coast, for a bit of a coastal walk from Putty Beach to Little Beach (well, original final destination was MacMasters Beach, but the directions were a bit dodgy and we couldn’t be arsed to find the extra 3km to walk round trip).

Guess which idiot forgot to bring shoes and had to do the whole thing in flip flops? But thank goodness my 10-year old Chacos stood up to the 14km challenge. We enjoyed a leisurely pace, spotted some whales and a few pods of dolphins, and just generally had a swell time.

Bouddi National Park Hike

Maitland Bay
Maitland Bay, one of the most underrated beaches in NSW. So perfect for swimming, so idyllic with ZERO crowds (especially on a day where Bondi would have been packed like schooling sardines)


Bouddi National Park Hike

Bouddi National Park Hike

Bouddi National Park Hike

Bouddi National Park Hike