Finding Grace

What are the five stages of grief again? Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, then finally acceptance?

I feel like I’ve run through the course over the past hours. My dreams last night were variations of the same living nightmare. I keep waking up, only to find the new reality.

It’s times like these that show the mark of one’s character. My first instinct, and still the same one I am trying to manage, is to stick my head in the sand. To mourn the loss of America and the collapse of its democracy. To run away. Then here comes HRC, to demonstrate the courage, conviction, and strength it takes to stand up and concede. To say that she will work with the new administration to help keep the country great. To bring together the divide.

Goodness knows what the future will bring. The new presidential elect certainly hasn’t helped with any clarifying policies. But I’m drawing strength and hope from the grace and resilience HRC showed today.

Hilary’s speech.