Another gorgeous sunrise at Dee Why

I haven’t yet managed to show Jeff the beauty of Dee Why at sunrise (or any of the North Sydney beaches really), but when our friends from the States were still here last weekend, I managed to convince E and M to come out with me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect really – since the forecast said only 1-2 feet of waves – but by the time we arrived at 630am there were already more than a dozen surfers out in the waves. And the surf certainly looked larger than 4 feet.

By the time the sun started to rise above the horizon at 7am, E counted 36 surfers.

Fun morning out – and it inspired M to cram in another day of surf lessons in the time that he was here. And me too actually!









Checking out the Kite Surfers at Long Reef Beach

Kite Surfing Long Reef Beach-1-3 Checked out Long Reef Beach this evening. The wind was stiff and cool at 15 knots. There were maybe a half dozen kite surfers out on the water. They seemed a pretty friendly bunch, grinning for my camera whenever they washed up to shore. One guy asked if I could send him shots of him; more than happy to oblige especially since they happily let me practice on them! Got to chatting with another guy as he packed up for the day – he gave me some tips on how to kite surf (learn to fly a kite for at least 6 months first), and what wind and wave conditions to look out for. Kite Surfing Long Reef Beach-1-2

Kite Surfing Long Reef Beach-1