Easter Weekend – and Engagement Shoot – at Jervis Bay

I can never remember that here in Australia, we get both Good Friday and the following Monday off. Back in the States, most companies don’t even observe Good Friday! But why question tradition, especially since it affords us more time to relax down in Jervis Bay? We took the opportunity also to take some engagement pictures for my cousin Calina and her soon-to-be-husband. Since they were pretty chill in terms of photography, and preferred candid and silhouette shots, I took it easy and just snapped pictures of us out and about enjoying the beach. Initially, I had hoped to take some underwater photography, but despite the sun, the weather was pretty brisk, so we wimped out, and contented with lounging on Hyams Beach and taking short strolls. 🙂

Jervis Bay sunset

Jervis Bay
Sunrise Saturday – not much color in the sky, but I loved the lines in the sand


Jervis Bay Sunrse
I loved watching the two fishermen in their bright yellow raincoats and their tiny little dinghy


We also explored the beaches in Booderee National Park – some, like Steamers Beach and Caves Beach, were exposed and had big surf; others like Murrays Beach was protected by the bay and had inviting calm waters. We hadn’t brought our kayaks along this trip, but Jeff and I can’t wait to go back to camp and paddle those waters.


On our last night in Jervis, we did manage to squeeze in a more formal engagement shoot. Although there was too much cloud cover, I reckon the effects we tried to go for weren’t half bad, and we even caught the moon rise.

Alas, it was too bad the two boys couldn’t rise out of bed Monday to join Calina and I at the beach for sunrise, for we were treated to a simply spectacular, albeit short, display of color. Calina was halfway down the beach jogging when the sky lit up though, so I had to content with a selfie. Haha.

Sunrise surprise proposal

What an absolutely beautiful morning! I went out with Sydney by Kayak this am to shoot a proposal on their sunrise paddle tour of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The couple had just flown in from Singapore the day before, and the guy, Alex, wanted to surprise his soon-to-be fiancé with a magical sunrise on her first and long-anticipated trip to Sydney.

Sunrise Proposal Shoot - Sydney by Kayak
Lavender Bay – Sydney by Kayak sunrise paddle

Sunrise Proposal Shoot - Sydney by Kayak

Sunrise Proposal Shoot - Sydney by Kayak
One of the more gorgeous sunrises we’ve seen all year on the water

The forecast had warned of strong winds, but the water was flat and glossy as Alex and Natalie paddled ahead of the group and parked themselves by Milsons Point, where Alex pulled out the velvet box and popped the question.

Sunrise Proposal Shoot - Sydney by Kayak

She said yes!