Weekend in Wolgan Valley

After two entire weeks of dreary rain in Sydney, we could not wait to escape to Wolgan Valley in the Blue Mountains. Sure, the forecast still seemed plenty gloomy, but we weren’t camping this time, but staying at the comfy Wolgan Valley Resort, courtesy of Jeff’s company. We figured we would have a blast come rain or shine. 😉

As it turned out, the rains stayed away. The skies even parted for a few hours on late Friday night when we arrived, revealing the stars behind.

Kangaroo galore at Wolgan Valley

It was a most relaxing weekend. We spent it mostly eating, enjoying the culinary delights the restaurant served up, and trying to work off the meals in between by checking out the trails surrounding the property. For the first time in a couple of years since moving to Australia, we went biking, and our rustiness showed, since we both wobbled on the muddy trails. But it was a great way to explore the valley, and we delighted in riding alongside hopping kangaroos.

Exploring Wolgan Valley by bike
We went looking for wombats at dusk, and found one lumbering literally outside our cottage