Sunrise at Marina Barrage

We took our e-scooters down to Gardens by the Bay early morning for a bit of exploration. There was a half marathon, which unfortunately blocked the main paths we wanted to take. Still, we had a pleasant time weaving our way through the lush walkways, enjoying the cool morning breeze on our skin, and the serenity and beauty of the gardens.

There were others about – early morning joggers and cyclists. I felt just a tinge of guilt that we were whizzing by on scooters rather than exercising, but it was a lovely way to take in the sights.

Catching the Singapore National Day Parade Dress Rehearsal Fireworks

It’s been a month since we moved to Singapore. It seems longer, but then again, we haven’t managed to do much. Still trying to adjust, nevermind that I grew up here.

Felt good tonight to bring out my camera again – its first outing since I picked it back up from the camera workshop last week after it died a watery death in Iceland. They’d closed the roof top access to the Esplanade, but my brother and I managed to get a spot in the roof top bar. Whilst waiting for blue hour and the fireworks, and fending off rowdy kids with no sense of personal space, we guzzled cocktails and craned our necks to watch the National Day Parade dress rehearsal on the floating platform.

Happy birthday, Singapore.