Sunrise at Narrabeen Rock Pool


Thunderstorms is in the forecast today, but later. For now though, there was another glorious sunrise to enjoy at Narrabeen Beach. This was my first time to this part of Narrabeen, and like most other places in Sydney, I was struck speechless at how beautiful it was. We are so incredibly blessed to call this place home for now.






Catching the surfers at Narrabeen Beach

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-1

I’ve started to check the wave swells now, daily on, which is a little silly since I don’t surf (although, I’m starting to get the urge to!). But really, I’m checking out water conditions to decide which of the quality beaches I should best go to to catch surfers in action.

On Thursday, the forecast predicted the beginnings of bigger swells, so I drove over to Narrabeen Beach to see some of the action in the afternoon. Doesn’t it look like a blast?

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-2

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-3

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-4

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-6

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-5

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-7