A scorching hot morning paddle

We’d a friend visit from Sydney, and he’s long longed to try out our trusty foldable kayaks, the Oru Bays. So Saturday morning, we took him out for a paddle.

It was a hot, hot day. The water was still and the sun and the air torrid, as we slipped our paddles methodically into the water, to get around the annoying blue barrels that the authorities had strung out along the beach front. What an awful sight. Thankfully, there was a break in the line of barrels a few hundred meters down the shoreline, so we were able to slip past and cross the channel to Pulau Ubin.

It was just a short paddle. A quick 10km up the mangrove swamps of Pulau Ubin and then back across to Pasir Ris. We had a scheduled wine night that we still had to prep for, but it was still a satisfying jaunt. Always fun to get out on the water to work those muscles.