Catching the Sydney to Hobart Race on the Water

We checked off one of our bucket list items this past weekend, by catching the annual Rolex Sydney to Hobart race. And what better way to do so then on the water? We went out on a 40-foot yacht with East Sail – SO MUCH FUN.

It was really exhilarating to catch the action right up close. There were hundreds of other vessels out on the water, and we were all jockeying for positionĀ  to catch the front runners stream out of the harbor. We’d never seen the water so churned up from the mad dash towards the Gap.

Wild Oats XI – hit with a 1 hour penalty for a dangerous tack at the start of the race
LDV – First to head out of Sydney Harbor, and first to cross the line in Hobart
Everyone’s racing to keep up with the front runners as they sail out of the harbor
Kayakers out to watch the action

Climate Action Now (Skipper: Lisa Blair)

After the race, we had the chance to go under sail ourselves around the harbor front. šŸ˜€ Good times.