Kayaking to Kusu and Lazarus Islands

We went with some friends last Saturday on a KayakAsia led paddle from Sentosa to the Southern Islands. What a beautiful morning to set off!

The currents were mild on the way over, and we enjoyed blue skies and clear waters. The tides were really low when we got to Kusu Island though, such that we had to carry our kayaks midway into the lagoon – no soaking in the cool emerald green waters in the inner lagoon this time for us.

After a bit of a morning tea where we enjoyed fresh curry puffs, homemade four berry tarts, tangerines and coffee, we clambered back into our inflatable kayaks to cross over to Lazarus Island.

Shoe’s pic of us
Ling’s picture of us on the breakwaters on Lazarus Island

There, we poked around the tidal pools, admiring the sea anemones, nudibranches, and moon jellyfish.

Judy, Shoe and I

All too soon, it was time to make the slog back. I suppose it was too much to ask for mild currents again! My right arm was tired by the time we made it back to shore, having to pull against the currents the entire trip back. At least I earned those beers after!

Monica’s photo of the beautiful sea grass at low tide
Moon jellyfish

Kayaking: Singapore Southern Islands

We’ve plenty of days off to clear, since we are still stuck in Singapore, so last Friday, we took it off to explore the Southern Islands of Singapore by kayak.

The Southern Islands, comprising St John’s, Kusu, Lazarus, and Deringer, are just a short hop away from Sentosa. We used to row to them weekly when we trained with the Singapore Paddle Club, in 6-seater outriggers. I wouldn’t feel comfortable attempting the crossing in our little foldable Oru kayaks though, because the waters around the islands can be insanely choppy, with ferocious washing-machine currents.

In KayakAsia’s sturdy double inflatable kayaks though, punching through the waves was a thrilling experience.

And what a beautiful day to be out! We had cloud cover most of the morning, so we were spared the heat from the sun. And the waters this time of the year were gloriously clear, such that we could pretend that we were away in the remote islands of the Philippines instead of just mere kms away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore.