Catching the sunrise and surfers at Curl Curl Beach, NSW

The forecast sites said to expect only 2-3 ft waves, but when we crested over the hills, the ocean looked roiling. Awesome! The sun was barely up – a faint glow in the blueish purple haze. And yet, we could make out the black shape of a surfer already skimming the surface of the waves. And as we looked down the beach, we saw another dozen black-clad figures running into the surf. Fun morning of shooting. Wished we had better telephoto lens though, as the waves were breaking a little too far offshore for us to make out the faces of the surfers. IMG_7095-96-1 IMG_7089-91-1 IMG_7176-159-1 IMG_7207-186-1 IMG_7201-180-1 IMG_7124-118-1