Sunrise at Avalon Beach

Avalon Pool

Another weekend, another sunrise. It’s becoming a welcome theme. 🙂

Went up to Avalon Beach up in the northern beaches this past Saturday. We checked out the Avalon rock pool, which had unfortunately been damaged by the recent storms.

Trooped up to the headlands for a view of the bay, but the thick clouds overhead kept the scene drab and dreary, so I swapped out to my telephoto lens and focused on the surfers at play instead.

Surfing at Avalon


Surfer at Avalon



Catching the sunrise and surfers at Curl Curl Beach, NSW

The forecast sites said to expect only 2-3 ft waves, but when we crested over the hills, the ocean looked roiling. Awesome! The sun was barely up – a faint glow in the blueish purple haze. And yet, we could make out the black shape of a surfer already skimming the surface of the waves. And as we looked down the beach, we saw another dozen black-clad figures running into the surf. Fun morning of shooting. Wished we had better telephoto lens though, as the waves were breaking a little too far offshore for us to make out the faces of the surfers. IMG_7095-96-1 IMG_7089-91-1 IMG_7176-159-1 IMG_7207-186-1 IMG_7201-180-1 IMG_7124-118-1


Slow it down

Garie Beach-1

The surfer is in no way sharp; in fact you almost feel like he’s not all quite there. And yet, for some reason, as I try to clean up the snaps of our day down at Royal National Park, my eyes keep drawing back to this photo. I just can’t bring myself to hit the delete key. I love the texture of the waves, and the dreamy, surreal ambience. If only he had been just a tad more in focus, just a tad more.

So, keeping this for now, as a reminder, and inspiration for the possibilities of what may be.