A week in San Diego

I had a work thing in San Diego last week. It was a blast. Really grateful for the opportunity again to meet up with the global teams, and the different people that we otherwise only see on Zoom. Lots of quality time together, from Monday evening through Thursday afternoon. After, Jeff and I went up to La Jolla with a few of my coworkers to explore the area and get in a cheeky dive.

I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

With my global team after our afternoon breakout session. Love working with these folks; so grateful that we got to spend quality time together in person and not over zoom
With (most of) the crew from APAC.
Survivor games with the team – glad the unseasonable rains cleared up by the time we got to Mission Bay for some friendly team competition. Tons of fun and laughter. Love this bunch!
La Jolla Cove at sunset
Beautiful walk along La Jolla Cove at sunset, admiring the sea lions and the wildflowers
La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Shores – went surfing there during the week as part of my work excursion, and now we also swam past the surf zone to dive the canyons
I did not enjoy that dive. The wetsuit and hood gave me a headache, though it also kept me warm in 11 degree C waters
XL and I were done after one dive, but Aya and Jeff were game for another
Long swim out past the surf to the canyon – when we’d initially booked in, we were imagining diving among the kelp forests and with sea lions. Alas, the insane storms this past winter had ripped most of the kelp out in La Jolla Cove, and the surge there the past few days made diving there untenable anyway, so we changed spots to La Jolla Shores
Afternoon walk along the cliffs
We can imagine living here
Sea Lions in La Jolla
Last meal in La Jolla together
Since we had to drive one way from San Diego to Los Angeles, we thought to make it fun by renting a Tesla Model Y. And why not? Cost the same as a Ford Fiesta and infinitely more fun! We had to recharge when we got to LA, but it cost just $7 to add 20% and took less than 10 minutes
Chanced upon a greyhound meetup in Balboa Park
Brunch with Wendy in San Diego before we drove north to LA. So good that we were in SD the same week for work! Last time we saw her was 8 years ago in Fiji!
Got in a quick stroll along Santa Monica before meeting Eric for dinner – definitely way more people here than in San Diego
Scrumptious dinner at Redbird in LA, thanks Eric and Ian! Glad to have caught Eric before he flew back to his home base in Houston. Last time I saw him was 3 years ago in SF!

Surf camp in Bali

Grateful for this life. My company gave wellness day and birthday leave, so a couple of coworkers and I took a long weekend trip out to Bali to properly learn surfing.

As far as hard core holidays go this isn’t it. We surf a couple hours a day (though I added an extra hour of private lesson today because yolo), then chill the rest of the day at a cafe and beach club.

But this has been rejuvenating. Exactly what we needed after a stressful past few months. And surfing has been exhilarating, especially since I feel like I’ve gotten a much better understanding of the theory and the appreciation of the waves. Not to mention of course, I have that much more confidence going out and trying to catch my own baby waves.


Sunrise at Avalon Beach

Avalon Pool

Another weekend, another sunrise. It’s becoming a welcome theme. 🙂

Went up to Avalon Beach up in the northern beaches this past Saturday. We checked out the Avalon rock pool, which had unfortunately been damaged by the recent storms.

Trooped up to the headlands for a view of the bay, but the thick clouds overhead kept the scene drab and dreary, so I swapped out to my telephoto lens and focused on the surfers at play instead.

Surfing at Avalon


Surfer at Avalon


Another gorgeous sunrise at Dee Why

I haven’t yet managed to show Jeff the beauty of Dee Why at sunrise (or any of the North Sydney beaches really), but when our friends from the States were still here last weekend, I managed to convince E and M to come out with me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect really – since the forecast said only 1-2 feet of waves – but by the time we arrived at 630am there were already more than a dozen surfers out in the waves. And the surf certainly looked larger than 4 feet.

By the time the sun started to rise above the horizon at 7am, E counted 36 surfers.

Fun morning out – and it inspired M to cram in another day of surf lessons in the time that he was here. And me too actually!









Long Weekend up at Avoca Beach


All hail the queen! Thanks to her birthday, we got to enjoy a long weekend. We spent it at Avoca Beach with a couple close friends. Good food (S whipped up first rate salmon and steak), wine, and fantastic company. We managed to get some reading and work done, watched four different movies (in four different languages to boot – German, English, Korean and Japanese), catch one sunset and two sunrises, and even tried surfing again (um, not very successful at that score).

Thanks for the memories!

June 2015 Queens Birthday Weekend Avoca Beach (37 of 290)-2
Sunset walk on Day 1

June 2015 Queens Birthday Weekend Avoca Beach (160 of 290)-11
Surfer enjoying a quiet surf before everyone else awakens – Sunrise Day 2

June 2015 Queens Birthday Weekend Avoca Beach (116 of 290)-10

June 2015 Queens Birthday Weekend Avoca Beach (76 of 290)-9

June 2015 Queens Birthday Weekend Avoca Beach (216 of 290)-16
Sunrise on Day 3 

June 2015 Queens Birthday Weekend Avoca Beach (204 of 290)-13

June 2015 Queens Birthday Weekend Avoca Beach (200 of 290)-12

June 2015 Queens Birthday Weekend Avoca Beach (289 of 290)-19
Jeff is happy he managed a quick dawn surf



Catching the surfers at Narrabeen Beach

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-1

I’ve started to check the wave swells now, daily on magicseaweed.com, which is a little silly since I don’t surf (although, I’m starting to get the urge to!). But really, I’m checking out water conditions to decide which of the quality beaches I should best go to to catch surfers in action.

On Thursday, the forecast predicted the beginnings of bigger swells, so I drove over to Narrabeen Beach to see some of the action in the afternoon. Doesn’t it look like a blast?

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-2

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-3

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-4

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-6

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-5

Narrabeen Beach Surfing-7


Bondi Beach Sunrise

Bondi Beach Sunrise-1

Just my luck. It was finally a clear morning when I could make it to a sunrise. But – the tide was low and the water calm. None of the dramatic crashing waves we’d seen when we were out doing the Bondi to Maroubra coastal walk on Saturday mid-morning. And I had accidentally dialed in my ISO to auto mode; no wonder the pictures looked so grainy on the screen.

Nonetheless, it was a serene morning to be out by the waters on the otherwise packed Bondi Beach. And I marveled for the upteempth time how we ended up living this side of the world, with easy access to these stunning beaches and golden sunrises.

Bondi Beach Sunrise-2

Bondi Beach Sunrise-3

Bondi Beach Sunrise-4

Bondi Beach Sunrise-5

Bondi Beach Sunrise-6

Bondi Beach Sunrise-7

Bondi Beach Sunrise-8

Bondi Beach Sunrise-9

Bondi Beach Sunrise-10