Kayaking and Camping Weekend in Myall Lake

Spring really is the best time to go camping. The campsites are still empty, the water is deserted, the darn mosquitoes and flies have not yet reared their ugly heads, and the weather is glorious. So it was this weekend up in Myall Lake, where Jeff and I escaped for a quiet camping getaway at Violet Hill Campground.

We arrived late in the afternoon, having gone searching for sharks on the Manly to Shelly swim in the morning (spied 5 Port Jacksons, score!). Just enough time to quickly set up camp and ease into the water for an evening paddle. The winds were relatively calm – until the sun set. Then it started howling. We beat a hasty retreat back to our campsite then, for a cold dinner of sandwiches and wine.

Having rested well – we were in our sleeping bags by 7pm! – it wasn’t hard to wake up at 445am for a pre-dawn paddle. Happily, the winds had completely died down by then. The Myall Lake system is enormous. In the prior evening’s paddle, we had briefly explored the outer edges of Boolambayte Lake; this morning, we pointed our boats east towards Myall Lake proper, rounding McGraths Island before going back to camp for a big hot breakfast.

Breakfast sorted and warmed up in the early morning sun, we headed out for another quick paddle, this time towards Two Mile Lake. There’s definitely a ton more that we could explore – in the books for another trip!