Vivid Sydney

It’s been a while since I lifted the camera. Couple of weekends. I just dreamt of trying to taking pictures though. Bit of a weird one. In the first scene, I was struggling to use my DSLR and wondering why the controls weren’t working until I realized Jeff had somehow managed to jam a Nikon lens onto my Canon body. In another sequence, I was using my Sony RX underwater set up, and I had a fancy rig with two strobes and a snoot, in a room with stairs that was somehow underwater and had little nudibranches crawling about.

Ah well. Anyway, we had been looking forward to joining some friends for a camping and photography trip down in Kiama last weekend, when I got felled with the cold, literally in the last minutes before we were slated to leave. Initially, I thought I could fight it off with a long night’s sleep, and we could join the gang later on Saturday, but instead I felt worse come Saturday. Boo.

Anyway, here are a couple shots from this year’s Vivid Sydney. I’m glad I got to bring my mum around to see the lights this year; she missed the festival by a couple of weeks last year.



Vivid in Sydney



I joined the crowds by Circular Quay tonight to check out the Vivid light displays over the Opera House. The quay was packed. There were dozens of photography groups clustered at the front of the cruise terminal, alongside casual onlookers armed with their iPad screens. I was lazy, and so didn’t bother setting up my tripod, relying instead on a higher ISO. Should have though; most of my images aren’t as crisp as they should be. :/

Decided to walk home across the bridge after too, and happily the low wall of the pylon proved stable enough to balance my camera for a couple of longer exposure photos.

Hoping to check out more displays again this weekend. This time, I’ll dig out my tripod. Heh.