Weekend in Mosel

We flew over to Frankfurt, Germany the first weekend of June, where we met up with our good friends TPR and Serge for a weekend getaway to wine country in Mosel. It’s so awesome that they live just a short 2 hour drive away from world class Rieslings; Jeff, whose favorite wine is Riesling, was in heaven.

Dr Loosen Vineyard – Mosel

We had a delightful 9 bottle tasting, where we were taken through the different terroir on which the Rieslings were grown, from blue slate to red slate and to volcanic soil.

Town of Trier
Town of Trier

After, we drove into the town of Trier, and while a few happy hours away exploring it’s ancient Roman Gate, the incredibly intact Roman Bath, and Marx’s house.

Trier Baths
Zeltingen Mosel
Zeltingen Mosel
Zeltingen at dusk

Possibly the main reason TPR picked this town to stay in, out of the many dozens littered around the Mosel wine route, was for the Zeltingen Hof hotel that with it’s attached restaurant that serves over 100 glasses of wine to try by the glass. To the utmost bemusement of Serge – and my reflected bemusement of his bemusement – I promptly ordered three glasses at a go to sample side by side. Two, I liked; the third I found too nondescript. Anyway, they complemented well with my hearty meal of schnitzel and white asparagus, which were in season and so fresh, juicy and sweet.

Zeltingen Hof - restaurant with over 100 wines by the glass for tasting
Zeltingen Hof – restaurant with over 100 wines by the glass for tasting
White asparagus season in Germany
White asparagus season in Germany

Sunday, we did a drive through the rest of Mosel before turning to Rheingau and exploring by car some of the region.

Trimbach – Germany

Germany - Trimbach

Along Mosel

Teaser week in Perth

If anything, these past few days just showed us how much Western Australia has to offer, and what little we’ve seen of it. Back in Sydney now, but already dreaming of going back and exploring all the other nook and crannies, including Broome, all the way up north in the further reaches of the state. Oh well.

In descending order, our highlights:

  1. Biking and snorkeling around Rottnest Island. I huffed and puffed my way around the island; it’s been too long since I got on a bike! But the weather was glorious. Hot sun with a steady cool breeze, and if we got too sweaty, we just cooled off in the water.
  2. Kayaking to Penguin Island where, along the way, we paddled up close to lazing sea lions and a pod of dolphins
  3. Walking short sections of the 135 km Cape to Cape trail. Stunning coast line. Oh to walk the full distance!
  4. Sneaking in a cheeky 2 hour SUP along Cottesloe Beach just before our flight. The water was soooo clear and inviting

We also managed to get in a bit of wine tasting in Margaret River, but for perhaps the first time ever, our heart wasn’t really into it. We just wanted to get back to the beach!

Exploring the Pinnacles
Male sea lions rule this little piece of land just off Penguin Bay – WA

Pod of dolphins just cruising by
Checking out the sea lion sanctuary – Jeff’s GoPro
Bird sanctuary on Penguin Island
Cape to Cape trail

Sunset over Surfers Point – Margaret River

Checking out the wines in Margaret River – Leeuwin Estate, The Watershed, Voyager
We know we aren’t supposed to pet the quokkas, but they didn’t get the memo and crawled all over Jeff

Look at those cute little ears
Snorkeling in Parker Bay on Rottnest Island
Exploring the bays of Rottnest Island by bike

Wine Tasting Weekend in Launceston, Tasmania


Just spent a lovely weekend down in Launceston, Tasmania, where we had a blast visiting 8 different wineries and tasting up a storm. Some outstanding Pinots, Rieslings, and Chardonnays!

Because we were so focused on drinking wines, and because the forecast had spelled rain the entire weekend, we didn’t go out hiking, or do much of anything else really. But the drive to the vineyards was beautiful, and the sun broke through the clouds quite often, casting beautiful golden light onto the lush winter pastures.