Warriewood sunrise and Narrabean sunset

Last weekend, I went up to the Northern Beaches twice, firstly on Saturday to watch the sun rise over Warriewood Beach, then to Narrabean to watch the sun set on Sunday.

Some days, I struggle to find inspiration in my surroundings. Maybe it’s because I go with a preconceived idea of what I want to take, then flail when conditions do not deliver. That was me on Saturday at Warriewood. I worked most of the morning with my ND filter on, wanting to get some streaks in the clouds overhead. When the colors didn’t deliver, I felt a bit disheartened.

Warriewood sunrise 2

But it’s hard to stay grumpy for long, not when you feel the gentle cool breeze against your cheeks, and hear the laps of the ocean against the cold sand.

Warriewood sunrise1

On Sunday evening, I decided to head out again. Nevermind if I wasn’t going to get color, it was felt good to be outdoors, and the practice was helpful anyway.

But 20 minutes after the sun set, the clouds delivered!
Narrabean sunset


Drizzly morning at Long Reef Headland

Checked out Long Reef headland last Sunday. It was my first time there, and perhaps not the most ideal of introductions. The tide was high, obscuring the interesting rock shelfs and rocky trail to the peninsula at the tip, and it was very overcast. Right about the time the sun would have risen, it started to rain.

Nevertheless, I could see the potential – both in photography and taking long pleasant strolls along the beautiful coast lines. Can’t wait to get back!

Long Reef Headland, NSW


Sunrise at Avalon Beach

Avalon Pool

Another weekend, another sunrise. It’s becoming a welcome theme. 🙂

Went up to Avalon Beach up in the northern beaches this past Saturday. We checked out the Avalon rock pool, which had unfortunately been damaged by the recent storms.

Trooped up to the headlands for a view of the bay, but the thick clouds overhead kept the scene drab and dreary, so I swapped out to my telephoto lens and focused on the surfers at play instead.

Surfing at Avalon


Surfer at Avalon



Sunrise over the North Curl Curl Headlands

Curl Curl headland

It was slightly drizzly this morning when I roused myself out of bed and drove out towards Curl Curl. I was disappointed by the sunrise colors yesterday and hoped that I’d have better luck this morning. Initially, I aimed for the rock pools at the southern end of Curl Curl beach, but the orange lights overhead looked too harsh, so I drove to the northern end, aiming for the rock pool there. Alas, it was closed off due to the recent storms that had severely eroded the cliffs by the pool. So I hiked up to the top of the headlands, and soaked in the burgeoning light.

It looked, for a time, that the color might go off. There was high clouds overhead that looked perfectly placed to reflect the pinkish orange hue that just makes me grin so. But the low clouds in the horizon blue balled me. Again.
Sunrise from Curl Curl headland


Can’t complain though. It was lovely to kickstart the morning with a bit of a walk.

But then, this evening, I looked out my study window and saw this sunset. Ahhhh!

Waverton sunset


Sunrise at Bilgola Beach

Headed up to Bilgola beach for the sunrise this morning. It’s a spot I haven’t been to before along the northern beaches, so it’s always fresh and fun, even on days like today where the low lying clouds in the horizon block the rising sun.

There’s something very calming about driving along dark and quiet roads in the early morning, in anticipation of watching the dawn of another new day. That’s one of my favorite ways to start the day. But then, there’s also having to drive back post sunrise, when the rest of the city has arisen and are starting to clog the roads. Heh.


A chilly morning by Turimetta beach

It was cold this morning, with wind chills sending temperatures down to 3 degrees C. And there wasn’t any cloud cover in the sky, just low over the horizon out east, recipes for a not so stellar sunrise.

Still, it was nice to be out, hearing and seeing the waves crash onto the sand. That’s oddly relaxing.



And then, just as I was setting up for the shot below, Jeff yelled out, dolphins! Indeed, a large pod of them were surfing the waves just 20 feet from the fishermen at the tip of the rocks. I impatiently yanked my camera off its tripod, ripped the ND filter out, and slipped my way onto the rocks to get a closer look. I didn’t quite manage to tune my camera settings in time to get tack sharp pictures of the dolphins joyfully skimming the waves, but they were beautiful to watch all the same.



Another gorgeous morning in the books. Haha, afterwards, we went grocery shopping, bought a ton of food, and was home by 1130. Comfortably sitting out the rest of the beautiful blue-sky day in the warmth. Because hey, we had seen the light already. 😀


Abstract seascape

The forecast was 100% rain this weekend. It didn’t quite turn out that way in the end… but we planned ahead for an afternoon of wine and painting indoors.

Haha wish I’d gone out to the beach this am to take pictures since there turned out to be quite a bit of color. But since I didn’t, here are my impressions.





Sunset at Waverton Oval

It’s the long weekend. Queen’s birthday. Usually, we’d be out of town doing something. But since we were in town this whole weekend, I figured it was more opportunities for me to explore locally. This evening, I ventured back to Waverton Oval to catch the sunset over the city.

Waverton Sunset

Fairly happy with how this picture came out. Haha although to be honest, if I’d a little Photoshop chops (or even just access to Photoshop!), I could have exposed a much longer shutter for the clouds, then merged it with this foreground to get an even more dramatic look. As it is, I couldn’t risk a shutter speed slower than 25 seconds before the boats blurred from swaying in the gentle evening breeze.