Exploring Mt Wilson in Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Mt Wilson (1 of 1)

We joined a photography meetup group to explore Mt Wilson in Blue Mountains National Park today. I was most excited because I’ve been wanting to check out the walks in Blue Mountains for a while now (ok, three months, since we moved here), and the timing worked out because the kayaking/camping trip we’d originally scheduled with another meetup group this weekend got cancelled because of rain. On a side note, why is Sydney so rainy???

Anyway, we ended up with the bulk of the meetup group for only a while; there were too many people and it seemed like we spent more time waiting around for people to gather than to take photos, and we were antsy to walk. So we peeled off from the main group when they went to explore one of many gardens of Mt Wilson and ended with two others and wandered around the nearby Waterfall Reserves. It was a good short stroll.

On the books – a longer walk next weekend!

Blue Mountains Mt Wilson-1

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