Vivid Sydney

It’s been a while since I lifted the camera. Couple of weekends. I just dreamt of trying to taking pictures though. Bit of a weird one. In the first scene, I was struggling to use my DSLR and wondering why the controls weren’t working until I realized Jeff had somehow managed to jam a Nikon lens onto my Canon body. In another sequence, I was using my Sony RX underwater set up, and I had a fancy rig with two strobes and a snoot, in a room with stairs that was somehow underwater and had little nudibranches crawling about.

Ah well. Anyway, we had been looking forward to joining some friends for a camping and photography trip down in Kiama last weekend, when I got felled with the cold, literally in the last minutes before we were slated to leave. Initially, I thought I could fight it off with a long night’s sleep, and we could join the gang later on Saturday, but instead I felt worse come Saturday. Boo.

Anyway, here are a couple shots from this year’s Vivid Sydney. I’m glad I got to bring my mum around to see the lights this year; she missed the festival by a couple of weeks last year.


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